Who is Dean Hickerson?

Dean is a resourceful and flexible IT Engineer and Web Developer/Designer with over a decade of experience in the professional IT industry. He's Capable of progressing with an ever evolving technology industry. With a passion to improve existing IT services through close cooperation with stakeholders and strong understanding of optimal end user experiences. A certified Scrum Master with excellent written and oral communication skills. Historically demonstrated credible coordination between project teams. Experience with developing and managing an efficient and user friendly IT Service Catalog. A thorough history of leading successful projects that deliver positive results and empower users. Additionally, experienced in successfully leading and organizing teams on multiple high visibility projects such as Navy Federal’s Service Manager upgrade and rebuild.

Okay, enough of the third person...

Take a look at some of the links and resources on this site to see what I have tinkered with outside of the professional realm.

Check out some of my personal projects on these open source sites

A majority of my repositories and contributions are done in either private repos or done on Navy Federal's private github server. So unfortuantely a larger portion of my work is obscured from view. In 2019 I contributed about 120-140 times throughout the year.

Sasha Styles

My Wife and I also own a Salon Studio. I operate in a CEO capacity of that business and manage all aspects of the business aside from the operations. Check out the website which I built from scratch for it at SashaStyles.net.